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Dear Reader,

I’m so glad you stopped by.

Over the past ten years I’ve found myself lost trying to be everything for everyone to the point where I lost track of myself.  I started looking inside and believing in the power I possess instead of seeking validation from outside.  I began sharing my writing, finding that I have the means to show the world in a different light.  My main avenue has been poetry, though I am expanding to short story writing and now personal blog writing meant to stimulate individual thought instead of pre-set societal notions.

I feel like I’ve been through a lot (haven’t we all?), and I take pieces of my experiences and encapsulate them with a feeling, with a short burst of words to show what I know to be true.

I’ve been afraid to share these moments.  Who am I, and What do I know  are re-occurring questions of mine.  But what have I got to lose?  Rejection?  That’s in front of us each day, that’s not new.  So I dig deeper.

I realize it’s about me not wanting to face my own thoughts and message, because they are powerful.  We get scared of our power; we get scared of what we could be so we settle for nothing.  Because we are scared of the person inside, the person who is the self.  At least I have been, and I know I’m not alone in this feeling.

My words and observations will not resonate with everyone, but the way I perceive and understand will reach some people.  I’m the only me, but I’m not the only one like me.

I find that as individuals in a society, we break apart, piece by piece, as we hold out our hands wide, trying to  catch all around us.  We are looking for fulfillment because we think it’s on the outside of us.  It’s not.  It is us.

Take a moment in your day and stop the outward stimuli.  Freeze it.  Hear your breathing.  Feel your heartbeat.  Listen.  That’s real.  That’s the moment to remember, to write about.  That’s truth.  That’s you.  That’s what I write about.

I believe in myself

My moments and observations are my greatest teacher. 


An invitation:

I want to share my writing with you in hopes of inspiring belief in the self.  Each of us is powerful, and each of us has a unique perspective meant to be shared.  I invite you to read some of the writings on this site and comment on your favorite ones, maybe the one that inspired you to think about something in a different light.  That way, your words can be used as a catalyst for change in someone else’s life.

I also invite you to join me on this journey of self-discovery and insight by signing up to follow this blog.  This year I’ll be adding new features to my website, including a subscription feature and newsletter, so stay tuned for that.


One thought on “About the Author

  1. Emma May 23, 2015 / 9:31 pm

    Doola! 😎😘


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