Save Point

If I could go back

To a point within my life

To do what wasn’t done

Choose again, right this time


With all the knowledge I have now

My heart aches with longing

In search of reprieve from the madness

Of Now – of this day


For so long, pondering the point

I would rewind to

Would it all change?

Would I still be me?


Would I know I had chosen?

Or would the weight of bad decisions

Be wiped clean from me?

Coming back from the coma


A save point would guarantee

A do-over

But I wouldn’t remember



Your voice, your touch

The way your eyes follow me

With light across the room as

I walk


Caressing me with love

The times you held me as I cried in the night

The love we made

Wrapped up in grief and anger


All this time to realize

You are my person

And I am yours

I would have to let that go


To avoid tragedy

Only to hope destiny

Will intervene to

Bring us together again.

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