What works for me?
What pushes me to be better?
Who gets to see that part of me?
Apart from all the bull shit.

Apart from the burden I feel
Every time I wake up
The choices I’ve made
Have led me here

Have led me away from you
But in another time &
Another place
I would be with you,

Holding your hand
Instead of sitting here
Alone, Stagnant

Trapped by what I’ve chosen
What wouldn’t I give up now
To go back and decide again
To make that defining choice, differently

To walk into the sunset with you
Instead of turning back
And choosing familiar
Over the new possible.

Photo Credit: Ennor via Compfight cc

2 thoughts on “Re-Do

  1. Dear Helena – I like this better than the first one. Who is the person your talking about – being with.? It still is sad and I wish we could talk more. Love you.



  2. What is the “first one” you’re talking about? Most of my poems (I’d say all I can remember) don’t go together as a continues story, but are separate in feeling and meaning, though some feelings and meanings may repeat, based on me, or the speaker.

    I don’t write all (not even most) of my poems from my own perspective. There is a speaker (narrator), if you will, that is different than the poet (author), so, to answer your question, I’m not talking about a particular person from my own life. I wanted to capture a feeling. It seems like I did since you felt something from it. 🙂

    And don’t worry; we’ll talk more. Let’s make a point of it.


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