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The Pain of Adolescence

Too much time has passed to save her. All that’s left is a hollow Right here in my chest. I miss her – the fun we used to have – The realness & fullness between us – Ripe, like summer fruit. The juice drips… Continue Reading “The Pain of Adolescence”

You Are Not Alone

I am a writer. I am brave. I am beautiful. I am scared. I am not fearless. Anyone who says so is a liar. The first step towards growth is admitting there is fear, admitting you are scared. But I can stay here, in… Continue Reading “You Are Not Alone”

The Fear of Sharing

Sharing can be scary. The boy waddled over to his friend on the playground, a half-eaten animal cracker in his hand.  He smiled awkwardly at the other child who had his hands full of sand from the sandbox.  “Um, hi.” The sand monster looked… Continue Reading “The Fear of Sharing”

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