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What we are Becoming

We believe in curses. The names we’ve been called, The feeling we were being Overlooked on the playground   The whispers behind our backs The quickly muttered greetings & sideways glances Hands held between people   But not ours. We shared our lunch with… Continue Reading “What we are Becoming”


The bathroom was dirty. The off-white tiles shined almost brown in the cheap fluorescent lighting. She noticed right away there were no paper towels, only hand dryers, the kind that blow all the dust and germs around.

She checked the first stall and then the seconds-no, still dirty. She would have to hold it until she got home after school, or skip 3rd period to go home to pee.


To serve others was all she’d ever known. Bred for a purpose, now she would become a housewarming gift for a lucky gentleman. “Make sure you know what he likes to eat,” scolded her mother, “or else you’ll always have an irritable man.” Other… Continue Reading “Jump”

The Pain of Adolescence

Too much time has passed to save her. All that’s left is a hollow Right here in my chest. I miss her – the fun we used to have – The realness & fullness between us – Ripe, like summer fruit. The juice drips… Continue Reading “The Pain of Adolescence”

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