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What we are Becoming

We believe in curses. The names we’ve been called, The feeling we were being Overlooked on the playground   The whispers behind our backs The quickly muttered greetings & sideways glances Hands held between people   But not ours. We shared our lunch with… Continue Reading “What we are Becoming”

I asked for it

Would you hurt me
If I asked you to…

Burying You

And yet I stand here, Trapped   Surrounded on all Four Sides With reminders of you   Staring me down Telling me it’s Time to let go   Photo Credit: Ellieboat via Compfight cc


She stands still, looking out over the sea I hold my breath, watching from an upstairs window Does she know she isn’t alone?   A breeze takes her by surprise, and a curl Of hair is pulled from her cap Blowing gently across her… Continue Reading “Vengeance”

Last Image

The cabin air feels tight Depressurizing And as I sit here not yet realizing What’s happening, A picture pops into my head Of you, eating grapes At our table Laughing at the ordinary moment Of me dropping my milk “Typical” You smirked And that… Continue Reading “Last Image”

Why I don’t Write

Do I write for fun? Or when the power of words hit me? Do I write to process, to understand The beauty of things that surround? Would I write if energy was freely given, Flowing to me in a continuous And purifying rain of… Continue Reading “Why I don’t Write”

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