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What we are Becoming

We believe in curses. The names we’ve been called, The feeling we were being Overlooked on the playground   The whispers behind our backs The quickly muttered greetings & sideways glances Hands held between people   But not ours. We shared our lunch with… Continue Reading “What we are Becoming”

I asked for it

Would you hurt me
If I asked you to…


I stand here in the rain watching you run so you don’t get your hair wet. Such a difference between us. All the time- making it seem like there is no reason for what I do. But I love it. All the droplets falling… Continue Reading “Enough”


She came to my door Broken and shamed Last night to explain The unexplainable How she rose above The light until She reached the Darkness of Your might. It could Be easy to Pretend But you Know That’s Not What She’ll Do. photo credit:… Continue Reading “Run”

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