Lily sits alone, fighting shadows

under the shade of the pine tree.


She wore a tweed skirt today, looking sexy,

but her mom called her a slut and

pushed her down the staircase.


What a dangerous game she’s playing;

if she’s not careful, her own daughter


will end up dead, with a note that reads,

I wasn’t worth it


Mother’s Day came and went

No one called her

Not one of her daughters


What can she expect?

She hates.


So, call her wicked, call her selfish,

call her the problem,

And keep it going.


Lily sits alone

All these years later,


her husband beckons from the

doorway, but he’s not there


She doesn’t see him.

She’s still fighting shadows

under the shade of the pine tree.


I will weep

When you get

What you deserve.


I will cry out with pain

When they hit you

And spit on you

And call you names


Showing their hate

Of you,

Making you feel stupid


I will lose sleep

Waiting for you to

Come home, bruised

And beaten


So I can hold you

In my arms and

Rock you to sleep


I will know why.

What you’ve done

Is unforgivable


But you are my son

I can’t help but love

What I’ve created.


This Game

You and I face each other
weapons in hand
fate tied at the wrist

And as the blood pumps and rushes
what’s left to think about?

I’m faster than you and the
blade cuts into flesh

Spilling your heart out onto the floor.

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She came to my door
Broken and shamed
Last night to explain
The unexplainable
How she rose above
The light until
She reached the
Darkness of
Your might.
It could
Be easy to
But you

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