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Last Image

The cabin air feels tight Depressurizing And as I sit here not yet realizing What’s happening, A picture pops into my head Of you, eating grapes At our table Laughing at the ordinary moment Of me dropping my milk “Typical” You smirked And that… Continue Reading “Last Image”


To be continually confined, Scratching at the high walls of my Cell until my fingers Bleed, with no one listening to my Whimpers except the moon. She’s the only one who never Gave up – on me – Continued to shine on – Despite… Continue Reading “Ache”


She came to my door Broken and shamed Last night to explain The unexplainable How she rose above The light until She reached the Darkness of Your might. It could Be easy to Pretend But you Know That’s Not What She’ll Do. photo credit:… Continue Reading “Run”

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