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I asked for it

Would you hurt me
If I asked you to…

The Ones We Leave Behind

Just whispers in the night After they’ve helped us Bury the body. Dirty hands so raw, Cracked and bleeding Heavy breathing, Once it’s complete Collapse in the snow And stare up at the Howling moon. I left you there, Your image fading into the… Continue Reading “The Ones We Leave Behind”


Your hand reaches out Taking hold of my throat Closing, closing Choking the goodness from my lungs Seeping, sweeping onto the floor Crumpling down Down I go Losing consciousness For a moment, Taking me by surprise Your words hit me This time Like they… Continue Reading “Silent”


She came to my door Broken and shamed Last night to explain The unexplainable How she rose above The light until She reached the Darkness of Your might. It could Be easy to Pretend But you Know That’s Not What She’ll Do. photo credit:… Continue Reading “Run”


Underneath your wings I used to lie Breathing softly Hidden from the world Upon sanded beaches Once I craved The wind as it Rushed onward Up from valleys below Caught between the realities Sung of In ancient lullabies Before feeling brought Pain and loving… Continue Reading “Burned”


I press the button, but nothing happens. She doesn’t cock her head or say hello. Her dead eyes don’t blink and her hand doesn’t wave. I want my money back. Photo Credit: *TatianaB* via Compfight cc

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